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Productions Casablanca has carved a place in the television landscape with its original, primetime productions.
The success of its television series lies mainly in the Montreal-based company’s primary mission: to offer quality content by providing creators with a production environment that measures up to their imaginations.
The company’s creative vision gives rise to stories and characters that resonate with a wide audience and leave a mark on the collective imagination, both at home and abroad. The many awards and honours it has received attest to that fact. As further proof, the television series Les Invincibles was sold and adapted in France.
This attention to detail and commitment to excellence are made possible by the company’s personal, intimate approach. Producer and founder Joanne Forgues favours quality over quantity in her choices, and has built a tightly knit company. While she employs over 100 freelancers per year, Productions Casablanca is made up of a small team that works in close cooperation with creators. Productions Casablanca stays small in order to think big.
In a constant search for innovation and talent, the company works with a wide array of well-known creators and partners, while also giving opportunities to up-and-coming artists. Passion, talent and perseverance are what motivate the company’s teams.
Whether through a drama series, sitcom or feature film, Productions Casablanca aims to seduce, move and entertain the audience with rich stories and compelling characters. The boldness of its projects and its continuous desire to redefine genres are what make the company unique.
Joanne Forgues
Joanne Forgues
President and producer
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A business administration graduate from HEC Montréal and a chartered accountant, Joanne Forgues worked in the business world for ten years before transitioning to television production. She became vice president and producer at Productions Prisma and produced television series such as Pacha et les chats, Urgence, Paparazzi, Back to Sherwood and more. In 2000, she founded her own production company: Productions Casablanca Inc. She produced two game shows (Ultimatum and Vingt-et-un), the series François en Série (in collaboration with Locomotion Télévision), Les Invincibles and Les Rescapés, as well as the currently airing Série Noire. She is now developing a number of television and feature film projects.
Jean-Marc Casanova
Jean-Marc Casanova
Executive Vice-President
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Having received a management degree from HEC in 1979 and become a chartered accountant in 1981, Jean-Marc Casanova worked as an auditor, financial analyst and financial management lecturer up until 1989, when he moved to the film industry as a production manager. Over the next 20 years, Jean-Marc Casanova collaborated on some 40 film projects, including a dozen provincial and international co-productions headed by producers like Roger Frappier, Rock Demers and Denise Robert. He also contributed to roughly 20 television productions, including Série Noire, Les Invincibles and Les Boys. In 2010, he was hired by Melenny Productions as Vice-President, Finance, and worked closely with producer Richard Goudreau. In late 2015, he joined Productions Casablanca as Executive Vice-President.
Martine Blackburn
Martine Blackburn
Administrative assistant
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After 14 years at a trust company, Martine changed careers and began working as a coordinator at Fabrique d’Images, a company that produces commercials and short films.

In 2004, she joined Productions Casablanca as an administrative assistant.
Lise PLourde
Lise Plourde
Head of accounting
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After working for years as a director of administration at various companies, Lise decided to spice up her everyday life and work for herself. Most of her clients are artists, which adds colour to her job. For the last five years, Lise has worked at Productions Casablanca. She enjoys the company’s dynamic energy and is thrilled to be part of the team.
Charles Ohayon
Charles Ohayon
International sales
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Charles Ohayon has worked in the television, advertising and film industries since 1979.

While at Films 24, he produced a number of advertisements that won awards, including a Silver Lion at the Cannes International Advertising Festival and a Clio Award in New York. In 1986, he became president of the subsidiary Cléo 24, created to work across all genres of production, and took charge of business development.

From 1994 to 1998, he was Director General of Programming (television) at Société Radio-Canada, where he was responsible for drama, culture, variety, youth and sports content, as well as acquisitions and external productions.

From 1999 to 2004, he was President-Director General and shareholder of Exotik Tours, a travel wholesaler, where he was in charge of business development and the overall management of the company.

Since 2004, he has provided consulting services in film and television production, as well as in the development and financing of new projects, in addition to handling distribution and sales at Productions Casablanca.

He was President of the Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec (APFTQ), sat on the board of directors of the Canadian Television Fund, was the chair of the Quebec board of directors of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television from 2006 to 2012 and is still president of the board of directors of the Independent Production Fund.
Romane Garant
Romane Garant Chartrand