The strength of words,
the power of images

Crimes of the past continue to have repercussions on the characters’ present lives. Francine and Alain concealed a suspicious death with Guy’s help. Charles gets mixed up in the sordid affair and is once again suspected of murder.

A bloody clan war erupts, with Valmont as its battlefield. Tina and Lucas will have their work cut out for them to hold onto their empire and their lives.

Marie-Luce and her family find themselves in the eye of the storm. Simon is seduced by the mirage of easy money in the criminal world.  Marie-Louise must fight to save her marriage and Marie-Paule attempts to cope with mental health issues.

Réginald tries to get back to a normal life so he can be a good father to his two kids, but it’s not easy for him. His relationship with Julie continues to be a rollercoaster ride. 

FORMAT : 24 X 60 minutes

  • No subtitled episode