The strength of words,
the power of images

There’s never a dull moment in Valmont. All’s fair in love and war!

What happened at Marie-Jeanne’s?

Fred and Delphine grasp the scale of the tragedy that unfolded there. And Fred will have to pick a side once and for all!

Meanwhile, Marie-Luce is still worried about her sisters. Nevertheless, she stays the course by keeping her companies going and even names new shareholders.

Will Charles go too far in protecting his sweetheart?

Tormented by passion, Gladys finds herself in the middle of a love triangle.

Zack is back at Jean-Michel’s, marking the beginning of a complicated living arrangement!

Francine is a master in the art of not minding her own business, much to Julie and Réginald’s dismay.

And staying true to himself, Lucas continues to spread terror in Valmont. His bitter fight for power with his sister Tina rages on.

FORMAT : 24 X 60 minutes

  • No subtitled episode