The strength of words,
the power of images

The Phoenix is a dramedy about the relationship between two best friends, Murielle and Louise. On a whim, Louise decides to leave everything behind and go on a road trip in a Winnebago to spread her late husband’s ashes in James Bay. She even manages to persuade her more logical and career-oriented friend Murielle to join her in this adventure. On the way, they’ll look for meaning in their lives, confront their fears and secrets, and put their friendship to the test many times over. The journey will be marked by unbelievable encounters, unexpected incidents and plenty of doubts. The handful of days spent together will turn their lives upside down.


Murielle and Louise will need to tap into all their resources to stay on the right track, as Louise learns to tell the truth and Murielle learns about herself. How bumpy is the line between lying and transparency? How far will our two friends go as one tries to clear her mind and the other tries to get her fill?


FORMAT : 6 X 60 minutes

  • Two episodes with English subtitles
  • Trailer in French